Have you ever shared one of your legs with someone and tried walking together? Well, you probably haven’t done it like this. You and your partner-in-game are up for a real challenge! In this game you have to work together to make the toucan walk. Push your pillows to control your leg, one step at a time. Why not make up a new pose if you’re comfortable with your partner? Do you dare to touch? Apply pressure with sensitivity to succeed!

TwoCan was made during the Games[4Health] Jam 2014, a 48-hour gamejam which explores how therapy compliance amongst clients with psychiatric disorders can benefit from games. We decided to make a game about intimicy and exploring each other’s comfort-zone and we used the Pillo controllers to make this experience tangible. We’ve used the Unity3D engine for this project.


Games for Health Europe 2014 exhibitor

With pride and joy we were able to exhibit TwoCan at the Games for Health Europe 2014 conference and let people get in touch with eachother using the Pillo’s. There was a lot of interest, most people were very enthousiastic about it and some of them even showed interest in further developing TwoCan. We are very grateful to everyone showing interest and taking the time to play the game or leave feedback. And of course I’d like to thank Ard from Pillo for supplying us two Pillo controllers for these two days!