Prove your friends that you’re the ultimate word-wizard by altering the word into a new one, adding or removing just one letter per turn. You have to be quick though, because in swApp… you only have ten seconds!

swApp is a multiplayer word-puzzle game that is currently being developed for Android and iOS devices. This is the first game that is being made for my indie game company Quantum Overload.

The development of the game is done by me using the Unity3D engine. It’s coded in C# and Photon Unity Networking is used for the implementation of the online multiplayer element. Artwork was provided by Menno Deen.

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ICTalent Awards finalist!

swApp was a finalist for the Fontys ICTalent Awards 2014, a competition of innovation where ICT students from the Fontys University of Applied Science showcased their projects to several experts of innovation, usability and entrepeneurship. Although no price was won, it was an exciting experience and I’ve received a lot of feedback that will be used in enhancing the game. The participants trailer of swApp for the ICTalent Awards shows very early gameplay and development footage, but it’s an interesting video to watch anyway.