People that have experience trauma often have difficulties sharing their story with their therapist, especially when it’s the first conversation. Often dealing with various feelings and emotions, finding words and talking to someone new is extremely difficult. We’ve created StoryLine, a game in which they tell their story in a top-to-bottom way, beginning abstractly by just putting down cards that visualize events and emotions and then specifying details the more they progress. With this, we let them talk without talking.

We’ve created the concept of StoryLine during the Games[4Therapy] course from lecturer and initiator Menno Deen. The goal was to make a serious game that could be applied during the therapy for sexually abused children In this process we’ve been receiving feedback and support from therapist Frank Lips, a family therapist at De Rading (Utrecht) who works a lot with these clients. We’ve received very positive feedback from various therapists. The course lasted four weeks but we’ve decided to continue developing it for another course, which will last twelve weeks. It’s currently in development.

The prototype of StoryLine was made using the Unity3D engine but we’re going to develop the full game in the Quintus HTML5 engine. My participation mostly involved producing the concept, as well as designing and programming the GUI (made with the new Unity 4.6 UI system).

More information about the context and the concepting process of StoryLine can be found here.

ICTalent Awards 2015 – Runner-up!

We’re very proud to be able to say that StoryLine finished second place in the 2015 edition of the ICTalent Awards! A competition of innovation where students from the Fontys University of Applied Science showcased their projects to an expert panel.

After every team pitched their idea, the best three projects were chosen to enter the so-called Dragon’s Den, in which the jury had five minutes to throw though questions at us about the application context, enterpreneurship and innovation, among other stuff.

Games for Health Europe 2014 Exhibitor

During the Games for Health Europe 2014 conference we got the chance to exhibit StoryLine and show why this game is going to help traumatized people with starting therapy. We received a lot of feedback, most of which was very positive and got many people interested and excited over the game.