When I was trying to learn how to play the ocarina, a truly beautiful wind instrument, I wanted to learn how to play the songs that I liked, instead of the super-simple three-note songs provided by the instruction book. Unfortunately, my knowledge of translating sheet music into ocarina finger positioning was very limited at the time. That’s why I’ve studied up music theory and I created myOcarina, an application that translates notes into fingering positions (as a picture) and puts the entered notes in a visual sequence.

While the application is limited to only a six hole ocarina, it helped me learn how to play the songs I liked way, way faster than before. I have to say though, that this was the first application I’ve built. It’s not very adaptive, is restricted to one scale on one type of ocarina, but I’ve built it and I’m proud of it. It has definitely proven its worth to me.

myOcarina was made in C# with Visual Studio. I’m planning to make a better, more dynamic Android/iOS app of it soon.