Motiv8_2Motiv8_3As part of the PlayFit project, Motiv8 motivates youth to adapt and explore new ways of moving around as a way of playful excercise.

Motiv8 and the PlayFit Project

Motiv8 is a smartphone game in which the player is set out into outer space to travel around the universe and collect cool space stuff whilst avoiding dangerous meteorites and other obstacles.

This game is part of the PlayFit project, which is an overarching project that is set up to intrinsically motivate and stimulate the Dutch vmbo youth to change their exercise behaviours with games. The Motiv8 game is designed to achieve this during the youth’s lunch breaks and between classes by making them run and walk around. The physical exersicing will be translated to movement points in the game, which the player can use to move the in-game character around. More information about PlayFit can be found here.

We used the Activ8 smart activity monitor Bluetooth device to register the movement atterns of players, send them to the smartphone and translate them to points in the game. The game was programmed with the Unity3D engine.

RANJ Serious Games

Motiv8 was made during my half-year internship at RANJ Serious Games in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. My responsabilities were the game design and programming a prototype. The artwork was created by Minna Viitalahde, also an RANJ intern at the time.

Video coming soon.