In this crazy quirky adventure game you play… not the knight but his trusted backpack!

– Throw away junk by dragging items out of your backpack!
– Give your ‘Knight’ weapons (on time!) by putting items in his weapon rack on top.
– Don’t give him a weapon, and you’ll get hit! Repeat this 3 times and your Grand Adventure is over!
– Everything is a weapon, but only real ones give the best loot!
– Complete quests to get points!
– Sell 25% of your loot to Mr. Checkpoint. The sold loot adds to your score!

‘Heroes’ always get the credit.. but this is your time to shine!

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Inventory Story was the product of an amazing Ludum Dare (43) entry that I’ve entered together with colleague and friend Thomas van Veelen. We’ve made the game from the ground up in 48 hours using Unity3D and Blender. Originally, the game was built for Windows, but the mechanics were (in our opinions) just so perfect for smartphones that we decided to develop for Android as our main platform. Thomas took care of most of the design and all of the 3D models and animations. In the meantime, I was writing the backend for the game and created the (one-piece) soundtrack and sound effects.

Surprisingly enough, the process of creating and building this game went amazingly smooth, with both agreeing on a concept and finishing up prototypes in just the first couple of hours. We spent a lot of time polishing the game and had a pretty decent and juicy game for something made in so little time. In general, we were both extraordinarily happy with our entry and in terms of Ludum Dare scoring we didn’t do as bad as well:

Overall: 211th (3.75 average from 68 ratings)
Fun: 373rd (3.455 average from 68 ratings)
Innovation: 39th (4.046 average from 67 ratings)
Theme: 222nd (3.946 average from 67 ratings)
Graphics: 220th (4.03 average from 68 ratings)
Audio: 311th (3.385 average from 67 ratings)
Humor: 119th (3.643 average from 65 ratings)
Mood: 216th (3.595 average from 65 ratings)

Sadly, the development of this (mostly) physics-based game made it abundantly clear that my knowledge of applied physics and mathematics was severely lacking. After submitting the entry to the Ludum Dare competition, we went on further developing Inventory Story and I made efforts to ‘up my physics game’ in order to enhance the physics of the game. I’m still not as good with the subjects as I hoped to be, but I’m learning more and more every day and I’m not planning on stopping.

Read more about the game on Inventory Story’s page.