You are a heroic bare-chested diver with a harpoon who travels deep into the abyss to slaughter all kinds of ‘fishy’ creatures. Collect precious seaweed to buy upgrades for your hero, but don’t forget to come back up for air!

We’ve made Into the Abyss during the 29th edition of the Ludum Dare with a group of five classmates/friends, called Da Baconizers! We’re a little disappointed with the final result, but nevertheless we had a great time and we’ve learned a lot. The most valuable thing that I’ve learned from making this game was that we wanted to implement way too many features. We focussed too much on designing a large number of features (quantity) in stead of giving the core gameplay enough attention (quality).

Into the Abyss is made with the Unity3D engine in C#. I’ve worked on the player movement and camera implementations, along with producing one song of the soundtrack, which can be listened to here. We’ve dealt with the game design and tweaking enemies as a group.

You’ll find the Ludum Dare page IntoTheAbyssof the game here, but you can play the game directly HERE!


  • nr.164 Audio(Jam) 3.52
  • nr.373 Theme(Jam) 3.15
  • nr.435 Mood(Jam) 2.96
  • nr.564 Graphics(Jam) 2.85
  • nr.619 Humor(Jam) 1.81
  • nr.627 Innovation(Jam) 2.44
  • nr.644 Overall(Jam) 2.68
  • nr.674 Fun(Jam) 2.26
  • nr.1460 Coolness 46%