BrickPlanner was made for Timo, an 18 year old mentally impaired man who lives on his own and has trouble planning and keeping up with his calender. Mundane tasks like brushing his teeth are also difficult for him.

With BrickPlanner, planning became a playful, social thing which empowers Timo to do it himself. Timo places the colorful building blocks, which have icons of activities on top, on a planning board. The game scans the blocks’ possitions, analyzes it and gives Timo feedback. Every day, the computer prompts Timo to reassess his planning. His self-made schedule will be sent to a server, which shares it with his housemates and/or his parents and sends notifications to his smartphone whenever a planned activity is due. For example: Brush your teeth!

To strengthen the desired effect of BrickPlanner, we’ve made an exemplary mini-game for one of the mundane tasks Timo has to face daily. When Timo receives the notification of brushing his teeth, a mini-game start in which he has to follow the movemement patterns of the brush, showing him how to brush his teeth properly.

BrickPlanner is made with the Unity3D engine and Vuforia for the augmented reality (AR) element. My main responsibility was implementing the AR and helping out with the game design.


Winner of PinkRoccade’s DevCamp 2013!

Our team from Fontys Game Design & Technology has won the first price at the Dev Camp 2013, organized by PinkRoccade Healthcare and ‘s Heeren Loo. In this 48-hour game jam weekend we made an interactive planning game for mentally impaired children. This achievement gave us the opportunity to present our game at the Games for Health Europe convention in October.