Level One Seller at Fiverr

Fiverr is a popular and upcoming marketplace for creative professionals and I’ve offered my services on the platform for several months, working freelance on the platform on the side of a fulltime job. Every service you offer on the site is described as a ‘gig’. My gigs range from developing full-featured and monetized 2D mobile games to analysis and consultancy on game design.

After a lot of finished orders and positive reviews, I’ve gained the status of a Level One seller, which means I’ve had at least ten positive orders within one months, with an average review score of four stars. I currently received thirteen reviews with an average of four-and-a-half stars!

Please take a look at my Fiverr seller’s profile to get the full picture.


Giving workshop on ‘Making you own Pacman!’

Started as an assistent in giving workshops on how to make your own Pacman game in GameMaker to high school teens, I realised my enthousiasm for teaching and I was assigned to give the workshop on my own, while I studied Game Design & Technology at the Fontys University of Applied Science in Eindhoven. I’ve taught the workshop to dozens of high school classes for three years and (unfortunately) had to end it because of my graduation. I also gave the workshop on two Night of the Nerds editions (2014 and 2015 if I recall it correctly).

The goal of these workshops is to teach high school students how to make your own Pacman game in just one hour. It’s done in GameMaker.

Tutoring high school students

In high school I’ve tutored several students for several science-related subjects, and English. Because I liked that a lot I decided to continue to offer my services  in 2016 via Marktplaats.

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