First of all, I wish everyone a very happy new year! For a lot of people, a new year is an ultimate trigger to embark on adventures and start new experiments. Although I generally don’t like the concept of the new year’s resolutions, this year I thought it might be a nice way to write down what I’m currently working on and get the overview of my 2018.

Main Themes of 2018

Last year I’ve spent a lot of time on my fulltime job, home improvements and figuring out what the flying duck I wanted to do with my spare time. I was living day by day, joining game jams, spending time to hone new skills, released my game to the Google Play Store, got a dog and performed a couple of times with the band I play guitar in. A lot of different themes altogether. This year, I’ve decided to use a more focused and planned mindset. My 2018 will consist of three main topics:

Learning new stuff

As a game programmer, I’m learning new stuff on a daily basis. But most of these new things relate to the programming language and software I’m using in my fulltime job (Unity3D with C#) and while that’s a great topic to advance my skills in, it leaves some desires for me as a game developer. That’s why I’ve decided to dedicate a big portion of my spare time to learn and develop the skills I’ve always wanted to have but never had the courage to start with. Be sure to keep checking out my blog to see the progress!

Learning how to draw

For one, I’ve never learnt how to draw. It was one of those skills I never began with because I thought that I couldn’t do that. “You should have a talent for that, which I don’t have, so don’t bother trying”. Screw that! Even though it might be simplistic and basic, I want to be able to create my own game art. I’d be very happy

Goal: Make at least one game with 100% self-made art

Similar to: Something like Hohokum would be nice

How: Mostly following the DrawABox lessons and forcing myself to use only my own art in my games

Learning (game) music production

I’ve always had a passion for music, especially for game and movie soundtracks. These majestically epic pieces of music that would capture a specific mood with sniper-like precision.  Wonderful. I want that. I want to be able to meticulously string together these bits and pieces of chords and melodies to create my own soundtrack, preferably in a game that I made myself.

Goal: Make at least one game with a full self-made soundtrack

Similar to: Hollow Knight’s OST

How: Following a course I’ve bought on Udemy and forcing myself to use only my own music in my games

Starting an educational YouTube channel

This idea has been spinning in my head for a great while actually. The reason why I’ve never really started with it was due to a lack of confidence and because I never took the time to sit down and actually work out the ideas I’ve had. Yesterday I finally took the first step: I’ve created the YouTube channel and actually started on writing down the scripts and ideas.

Goal: I want to make Dutch tutorials on making video games and getting a job in the game industry. The channel will be targeting the Dutch youth who want to start making games but are unable to find decent (native) resources for that.

Similar to: Brackeys channel

How: Following another course I’ve bought on Udemy

Making one game every month

Making games is hard and takes a lot of time. Because of the previously mentioned goals for 2018, I figured my spare time to be scarce. To say that I also want to make one game every month would be ridiculous, right? Right. But I’m still going to do that. The hardest part of this challenge is to keep the scope of the games really small. With the help and inspiration of the #onegameamonth community, I’ll try my best to finish one small and simple game every month. I will be streaming every session of creating the games so be sure to check out my OneGameAMonth profile and check my Twitch stream!

Goal: finish and release one game every month

Similar to: the OneGameAMonth challenge

How: keep the scope of the games super small, drink lots of coffee

No Pre-Orders

Last year was a great year for gaming, no one can argue that. With amazing releases such as Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Cuphead, my gaming year was incredible. Unfortunately, with the rise of the lootbox trend, I’ve seen some games that got torn apart by the gaming community, something which was mostly absolutely justified, in my honest opinion. I was one of the fools who pre-ordered Battlefront 2, a game riddled with lootbox-controversy. Actually, this was the first game I’ve pre-ordered since the Operation Rainfall games. It was and will also be my last. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. I won’t be fooled by companies like Electronic Arts again. Well, at least not with the pre-orders. I’ll happily wait for the reviews to find their way to my news feed before I order a game. It’s not like I could fill all of my 2018 spare time (and then some) with the already existing backlog of games that I haven’t finished (or even started) from the previous years (and decades)…