Let’s begin with great news. The best news even. I’ll become a parent for the third time in my life! Happy times await me, for sure. But nurturing two YouTube channels at the same time will be difficult and of course there will be sacrifices. For those of you still in shock after reading the third line of this introduction paragraph, don’t worry. In this figure of speech I consider my puppy dog as the first child and my two YouTube channels the second and third respectively.


In terms of my YouTube channel FredMaaktGames, in which give it my best educating and inspiring the Dutch youth to embark on a journey of game development, the numbers have slightly grown. About ten new subscribers with three new video’s. That’s fine with me and I’m very happy with every new subscriber. With those new video’s I’ve finally finished my first tutorial series (Maak je eigen Pac-Man) and released a new vlog. I could have done a lot more a lot better, but right now it is what it is and I’m happy with it. March will get some cool new video’s as well, we’re going to create a new game in GameMaker!


In addition to my FredMaaktGames channel I’ve created a second channel focused entirely on playthroughs and gameplay footage: FredSpeeltGames! First of all a shout-out and thank you to techyvishal15, who has made the amazing channel art and cool end-screen (via the Fiverr platform). With FredSpeeltGames I aim for fun, mellow gameplay sessions of indie games, with a particular focus on games ‘Made in Holland’. I’m currently uploading daily, which is crazy for me, but possible since I only edit the outro of the video. Please check out my new channel here and subscribe if you will! =)


Now for the bad news. Well, actually, it’s not bad news. It’s just news. While I’ve started making a new game early on in February I’ve quickly realized that this ‘one game every month’ thing wouldn’t make me happy, since I’d rather work passionately on a project for a longer period of time, which is why I made the transition to a new preferred workflow. Together with Thomas van Veelen, game designer and visual artist at Kucheza, we’ve pieced together an idea for a really cool game and started working on a early prototype. For drama-enhancing storytelling reasons I’ll just give you this mysterious project codename: Trenchmark.

Learning new skills

While the first month felt weird in terms of learning new skills and adapting to this crazy workflow of chaotic parallel projects, February actually felt a little bit more like a well-organized, gravely complex heist where every step has to be right. Not every moment felt right, definitely not with the perplexingly hard-to-manage deadlines of two projects at my full-time job. Nevertheless I think I’ve learned a lot from the now-deserted February OneGameAMonth project, which was heavily based on seeing how far I could go with programmer graphics. I’ve engaged in the utter beginnings of the abstract art of shaders and that’s what I’ll continue doing in March as well. If my brain is even flexible enough to even grasp the math and physics heavy concepts of shaders, that is.

Final Score: 8/10