The first big step of the 2018 Roadmap has been taken! I am so incredibly excited to announce the creation of my new (Dutch) YouTube channel, FredMaaktGames, in which my goal is to teach children and teenagers how to make games and tell them about the Dutch game industry.  As a big welcome to everyone wanting to have a taste of making games yourself here’s my first video: an introduction to the channel. Enjoy!

Of course, I’m fully aware of the fact that the FredMaaktGames way-of-editing is something that needs work. But guess what, that’s one of the skills I’d really like to develop over time, as mentioned in my 2018 Roadmap. Also, I’m currently making the video’s in the open-source video editor Shotcut, which is a pretty sweet piece of software, but it certainly has its limitations. Combine that with my limitations on editing and you’ve got this sweet piece of good ol’ video!

My next step for FredMaaktGames

Great question! Although I’ve got twice a dozen video and series ideas to work on, I’ve decided to start the FredMaaktGames channel relatively simple with a tutorial series on how to make your own Pac-Man game in GameMaker Studio. With this course, everyone regardless of age or amount of experience can enjoy the thrilling first steps of learning how to create your own game. The course will focus on how to use the GameMaker Studio engine to add logic to your game and how to bring every part of your game together in one playable Pac-Man game. The first video will be released on Wednesday the 10th of January and you can find the link to the video here (or click the image below).

Explaining the concept of logic in games

Explaining the concept of logic in games

What if I don’t like Pac-Man?

That’s okay. Nobody’s perfect. As I’ve mentioned in the previous paragraph, I’ve got many ideas for very different videos. We’ll be cloning lots of famous games, like Tetris and Arkanoid just to name a few. The exploration and usage of different engines is also an idea that I’m toying around with. Also, I’ll be making videos on how the Dutch game industry works and how to improve your chances of getting a job in it! Excitement for all, see?

Working on a game in Game Maker Studio 1.4

Screenshot of me teaching people how to make an Arkanoid clone. Video coming soon(-ish)!


So that’s my first quick update regarding the progress of my FredMaaktGames YouTube channel, I hope you all liked it! If you like my first video or the ideas that I’ve proposed in this blog post, please subscribe to my channel and like the video! I’ll be releasing new video’s every Wednesday!