My father once said that for me to pursue my all of my dreams and to eagerly fulfill my goals, I’ll at least need my lifespan times four. Perhaps he was joking at the time, but he was actually pretty spot on about my personality, since my curiousity spans almost all thinkable subjects regarding the development of games, its industry and actually all techy and geeky stuff out there. Combine that with a bucketload of enthousiasm and motivation and a lot of things can be achieved.

My name is Ferdie Swinkels and my personal goal is to make people familiar with my games that most conceive to be sometimes weird, yet (hopefully) inspiring, intriguing, funny and/or joy bringing video games. In order to be able to achieve that goal, I’ve graduated in the field of Game Design & Technology with a Software Engineering minor at the Fontys University of Applied Science (Eindhoven) in 2015.

In my spare time I’d like to play games and play the electric guitar, for which I’m currently practising with a poprock band. I’m also helping out at the youth center of Heeze-Leende, where I give workshops on Game Design and Programming once every two weeks and I’ve also tutored high school students science-related subjects like Mathematics, Chemistry and Biology.

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